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My motorbike clothes don't fit - Can they be made to fit?

  • Altering a motorbike outfit - What's possible?

  • Special requests und customisation

  • This is what alterations to your leather outfit or motorbike jacket cost

Your motorbike clothes don't fit properly or even pinch from time to time? This is rather uncomfortable and also dangerous. By the way, in this blog article you can find out why the perfect fit is important for your safety. Too wide, too tight, too long, too short or do proportions not match? All of these things can be altered and tailored to your specific needs.

What can be altered?

Just like other items of clothing, motorbike jackets, motorbike trousers, and suits can be altered according to your wishes. A clothing size up or down isn't a problem. Of course, it's also possible to only change parts of your motorbike outfit. It's possible, for example, to only tighten the waist or just make the lower legs wider. We will aim to fulfill your individual wishes. Is it too tight around the armpits? Does the collar size no longer fit? Should the trousers be shorter or the sleeves be longer? All of these alterations to your motorbike outfit are possible.

In addition, feel free to express special requests in relation to your motorbike clothing. You may want to have individual parts changed to a different colour, or have annoying fastening flaps removed. We can replace snap fasteners that always pop open with hooks or attach thigh pockets. Personalisations such as lettering, patches or a club emblem can also be added.

How much are alterations?

The prices are as individual as the alterations requested by our customers. To give you an indication, you can find an overview of prices with reference rates on our website. You can also request a quote for alterations at any time.