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Repairing functional clothing: What is the limit? What is possible?

  • Why having it repaired pays off

  • How massive the damage can be

  • Before and after - it looks like this

  • What to do if you are unsure

  • This is how much a repair may cost

A particularly annoying situation: you slip on the last few metres of the hike and your favourite hiking jacket tears. Although you're lucky that you aren’t hurt otherwise, the torn jacket causes you a lot of pain. You bought the jacket not so long ago, you have rarely worn it and yet you have already grown fond of it because it fits you so well. With a heavy heart, you are typing "buy hiking jacket" into the search bar of your internet browser.
There is no need for that! Few people consider having ‘special materials’ such as Goretex® or leather repaired, but it often pays off. Therefore, we would like to look more closely at the question of why repairs pay off and how much can be broken so that it is still economically viable.

Why having it repaired pays off

With many pieces it is the perfect fit, for example with leather jackets or leather trousers. Most of the time, these are cherished pieces that can still be saved. Besides, the damage is only minor and repair is often cheaper than buying a new piece. What’s more, a repair is more sustainable than buying a new piece.
By the way, you will find more information here on our blog : There is a tear in my jacket - can it be repaired?

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What’s the limit?

So how much can be damaged for a repair to make sense?
Whether having it repaired pays off is always in the eye of the beholder. How valuable is the item of clothing to him or her? There are often big differences. Sometimes repairs for € 30 are rejected, but those for € 180 are done. So it is primarily the customer's perception of value that decides if repair is subjectively worth it.

However, there are a few key points that help you weigh up this decision. It is important to know that when repairing a piece of clothing, you have to ‘take it apart’, repair it and sew it back together, then seal it and so on. This is a lot more work compared to overseas mass production.

Let’s come back to our main topic: tears, cuts and holes are not a big deal. The question is:
Where are they and how many are there? If the damage is widespread all over the piece of clothing, there is no point in repairing it. But if the damage is limited to one area, for example only on the sleeve or located only on the lower back, then these areas can easily be repaired. Repairs to zips always make sense, as these are parts that are subject to wear and tear. Here you can see some examples of repairs carried out by us. The pieces often look as good as new or even have a more beautiful and modern look than before.

What to do if you are unsure?

It doesn't cost you anything to ask us. Simply send in a picture of the damaged area and let the experts assess it. Your advantage: you will receive a cost estimate and you can then take a decision. We know from experience: most items can still be repaired!

How much can repairs cost?

Repairs can start at € 5 and go up to € 250. Depending on how much is damaged and how invisible and ‘hidden’ the repair should be. However, we would like to point out that we very rarely recommend patching, but mostly sew over from seam to seam. A front zip, for example, costs € 50 for the non-waterproof version and € 62 for the waterproof zip. A detailed price list can be found here:

Price list