Traditional Austrian costumes: customised versus mass products

  • Austrian ‘Tracht’ and its uses

  • What can be individual about a traditional costume?

  • Individual ‘lederhosen’ in large quantities?

  • The difference to cheap mass production

  • Choosing the right costume: 5 questions you should ask yourself

Traditional Austrian costumes are one of the most traditional and versatile forms of clothing. A ‘Tracht’ is always fashionable, be it the classic version or its modern interpretations and variants. There are also many differences in the use of traditional costumes: from individual pieces to traditional costumes worn as work clothes or ‘uniforms’ for marching bands and so on.

These days, traditional clothing is considered modern and stylish again: culture and traditions are combined with modern fashion. Leather trousers for both women and men are also trendy and enjoy great popularity. There are a few differences when it comes to production: from custom-made items made by hand to machine mass production.

What can be individual about a traditional costume?

In short: almost everything. The type of leather, embroidery pattern, buttons, straps, fly, personal monograms and much more can be customised, think of leather trousers for example. All of the above is then also produced by hand. With cheaper producers, the items of clothing are largely made in bulk by machine. Then, individualisation is not possible; instead, you depend on the designs of the fashion industry. Besides, the quality of these mass-produced lederhosen often leaves a lot to be desired.

Customised lederhosen in large quantities?

Yes, that's also possible, but it doesn't mean mass production, quite the opposite. Grötzmeier leather specialists make customised traditional costumes by hand and in large quantities. Marching bands, for example, need leather trousers with matching colours and embroidery in large numbers. After personal consultation, these are produced by hand and with great attention to detail. Customised lederhosen or dirndls are also a great way to set accents as workwear, for example for the catering trade. If the traditional costume is made to match the restaurant, this creates a very authentic and memorable customer experience.

Choosing the right costume: 5 questions you should ask yourself

Once you have made up your mind and you would like to get a traditional Austrian costume, you need to clarify these 5 points:

  • As a woman, you are spoilt for choice: Shall I go for a dirndl, lederhosen or a leather skirt? The real question is: Would you like to have something traditional or rather something really cool? Often this is quite clear from the start, but sometimes this is difficult to answer. Our recommendation: just try the various pieces on and see what you like and what suits you best.

  • Length of leather trousers: Now you have to face another difficult question. How long would you like your pair of lederhosen? Long, over the knee (knee breeches) or rather short ones?  You simply have to figure out for yourself for which occasions and at which time of year you will wear the leather trousers most often.

  • Cheap or high quality? While cheap pairs of leather trousers from mass production are tanned with chrome,  high-quality deerskin, for example, is produced in a long tanning process. The leather is then made for eternity and even "grows" with you! So you can definitely save on the wrong end with cheap leather trousers, as you will certainly have to buy new leather trousers more often, while the high-quality trousers are very long-lasting.

  • Traditional or modern? This is a matter of personal taste. Colours, embroidery, buttons and so on are matched accordingly. Our expert advice: you can’t go wrong with ‘classic’ lederhosen. And if you then want a more modern look, you can easily combine the leather trousers with a modern top or smart shoes. This way you have both options and are flexible in how you want to wear them.

  • Does the overall look fit? To really shine, you need a matching jacket, shirts or blouses, knee socks, shoes and so on. Therefore, we recommend that you already pay attention to what fits best when you buy your leather trousers. Getting purchase advice is really worth your time too, so that you can be admired in style in your new traditional costume!

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